national nutrition month

March is National Nutrition Month and here at Our Family, we’re committed to helping you put your best fork forward! Small changes can make big differences over time and are more realistic.

This national nutrition month, here are a few suggestions for families to eat right and well:
  • Involve children in grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Get children active in the kitchen by adding ingredients, stirring, and serving
  • Focus on more fruit and veggie based meals
  • Choose lean proteins including eggs, beans, nuts and seeds
  • Opt for whole grains such as brown rice, farro, and whole wheat breads, pastas, tortillas, and crackers
  • Incorporate dairy foods either as low fat milk with the meal or cheese or yogurt as ingredients
  • Choose cereals, snacks, and desserts with 9 or less grams of sugar per serving
  • Serve fruit for dessert
  • Limit or, even better, avoid sugar sweetened beverages; drink water instead
  • Eat more meals as a family
  • Take a cooking class
  • Dine out less OR make healthier choices if dining out often by looking for lighter meal options

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Low Sodium Recipes

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